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Smile Woman

A few days ago, on International Woman’s Day, a friend sent me a poem by Alda Merini, and I want to share it with you as it represents quite well my motto and my lifestyle since I moved to Australia. I will try to translate it (sorry Alda):

Smile woman
you always smile to life
even though it doesn’t smile back at you.
Smile to the finished loves
smile at your pains
smile anyway.
Your smile will be
light for your journey
lighthouse for lost navigators.
Your smile will be:
a kiss of mom
a beat of wings
a ray of sunshine for everyone.

The Trip / Il Viaggio

Everything’s ready!
I’m talking about the one month trip I’m going to take.I was mucking around on instagram, when a particular picture jumped out at me. It was a sentence more than a image, which was perfect for the period and for this post. The sentence says I don’t care how long it takes me, I’m going somewhere beautiful.
And I immediately thought about the long travel I’ve been organising for a month that is now imminent, the amount of hours driving to stack up all those kilometres to reach beautiful places, unique in the world.
As I told you, I’m leaving for this trip that will takes me from Melbourne, through the Australian Outback, to the east coast of the Great Barrier Reef, with again Melbourne as final destination.
Starting on Monday, the 2nd of November, ending the first week of December.
Total kilometres 9100 and 103 hours driving, according to google Maps of course. Then everything might change: traffic, detours…we keep all options open. Continua a leggere The Trip / Il Viaggio